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Stop Working Out.

Start Training.


Are you ready? Do you have the endurance and skills to make your adventure the best experience possible? Or, do you need help preparing for your next race or challenge?

Custom Coaching

Our coaches have spent decades building the knowledge and experience coaching athletes 1 on 1 to achieve their ambitions.



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Training Programs

Our detailed training programs by seasoned endurance coaches are specifically designed for individual races and distances.



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Get access to our online training community and receive detailed coaching, nutrition tips, gear advice, community support, and much more. 



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Whether you're just starting out or plan on moving to the next level, our customized and group coaching programs address each athletes unique needs. We've spent decades building the knowledge and experience to coach all ability levels towards achieving their goals.


Our programs will prepare you for:

  • Trail and road races ranging from 5k to Ultra Marathon distance

  • Adventures such as running expeditions, backcountry travel, backpacking expeditions, etc. 

  • Obstacle course runs, rucksack challenges, etc.

  • Building stronger and faster athletes throughout the year


We get to know you to better understand your goals, and the person behind the goals. This allows us to develop a training lifestyle that will work in tandem with all facets of your daily life.  By looking at the unique dynamics of each person and their specific challenges, we are able to build very detailed and customized training programs. These programs are also fluid and adapt to changes in training over time. 



Is built on proven methods that incorporate fluid periodization and will prepare you for whatever challenge lies ahead. We put focus on creating very dynamic athletes with philosophies rooted in:


  • Strength - To build a strong base, we use sport-specific strength training. This results in a robust level of fitness which helps eliminate injuries and performance failures in the events for which our athletes are training.

  • Speed - If you want to be fast, then you need to incorporate elements of speed into your workouts. Properly implementing these sessions into workouts help our athletes become faster.

  • Endurance - Being strong and fast is no good if you can’t translate them to distance events. We program our base training phases to build a strong chassis and an engine for endurance so you can go the distance.

  • Durability - We want our athletes to be durable so that they can perform season after season. If you are always injured then you cannot continue to build on your previous level of fitness. This is why we incorporate strength and mobility exercises within our programming.

  • Recovery - Training breaks the body down. Recovery is where you build it back up. If you are not recovering properly then you are limiting yourself.

  • Customize - We train with specific goals and objectives in mind. Each adventure or race places very specific stresses on the body and mind so we prepare for those challenges.

Monthly Option

Pay In Full  Save 10%

Monthly Option

Pay In Full  Save 10%

Training Packages


All nutrition plans are consulted with, and prepared by a certified nutritionist.  


Pick the package that works best for you and purchase online with your PayPal account.


Have questions about which plan you need, or to talk about alternative payment options, please send an email or give us a call at 972.523.2645


Pay In Full  Save 10%

Monthly Option

Additional Options

Monthly Option

Pay In Full  Save 10%


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Additional Options

Coaching Session *

$69.96 per session

1 hour session via phone

Premium Nutrition Plan **

$149.95 per month

Advanced eating and nutrition, nutrient timing and sports related nutrition

Supplemental Strength Training Plan **

$79.95 per month

Monthly training plans aligned with running plan, instructions and links on how to complete exercises

* Purchase of a Training Package is not needed for this consultation

** Available with the purchase of a Training Package 


  • First and last month payments are due at signing

  • Clients can cancel at any time with a 30-day notice

  • Because we offer month-to-month programs, we do not offer refunds

  • 10% discount for those that commit to 6-month programs and pay in full

  • Clients receive a discount for committing to those 6 months

  • If a client is injured, coaching can be frozen for up to 1 year or until the client is healthy again

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