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Join our growing community of group training athletes. Receive support and knowledge from experts at a price point you can afford.

Our stuff works. Guaranteed.

Why Sign Up For Group Coaching


There is strength in numbers. Studies have shown that when you have access to a supportive community you are more likely to be successful and reach your goals. Our growing community of athletes, coaches, and industry experts gives you the support you need.


Price should never be a barrier to achieving your goals in life. This is why we have removed this barrier to allow anyone who sees their health as a priority to join the program and network they need to be successful.


Our network of coaches, athletes, and industry experts build a robust network of knowledge that you will have access to. Engage these coaches, athletes, and experts through open forums, videos, and more.

Our expert coaches partner with industry professionals to bring you knowledge based training and education on a variety of topics and issues. Athletes won't just get static information. Instead they are encouraged to engage in conversation to promote growth.

 "My experience with Ultra Expeditions has been nothing but a life-changing experience. With that said, you have the option to follow a generic training plan online and run on your own (and perhaps, get more injuries or hit the wall sooner), or you can get the guidance from an expert who not only is experienced in running, and can customize your running plan especially for you, but also will be there to keep you motivated you through some of the dark times and help you become the best that you can be."  

~Kim H.

Group Training

What's Included:

  • Support from our online training community of athletes, coaches, experts, and more

  • Educational forums, blogs, videos, tips, and more

  • Weekly training plans built by expert coaches

  • Access to coaches, nutritionist, experts, and more online



Virtual Racing

What's Included:

When subscribed to our monthly Group Training Programs, sign up for our virtual race series and also get:

  • Entry into our virtual races to win prizes, awards, discounts, bragging rights, and more

  • Detailed Training Programs built by expert coaches

  • Official T-Shirt

  • Official Race Certificate


$39.95/per race

Our Company & Team




With over 20 years experience in endurance sports, Jason has competed in events ranging from track & field, marathons, ultra marathons, ironman, adventure racing, stage racing, and expeditions on 5 different continents.


Race Director/Co-Founder

Bringing 25 years of experience in the business world, Jeanne has lead successful teams in developing industry leading products and services throughout her career with a

Fortune 5 Company.


Assistant Race Director

With a background in psychology and and a gift for building relationships, Marisa brings a personal touch to our team while helping others succeed.



For well over a decade Daniel has helped athletes ranging from Endurance and NFL athletes, Rodeo World Champions, Actors, Musicians, Bodybuilders, and everyone in between feel and perform at their best.

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