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The Texas Trail Running Eco Series: Explore the World’s Ecological Regions Within One States Borders

The sport of trail running and ultra-marathoning are unique in that they focus on exploring the world’s natural wonders. Individuals who enter into these sports will be challenged both physically and mentally, while learning self-reliance. The reward for such efforts comes in the form of having the ability to explore the world under your own power. There is something primal and pure about crossing rivers, traversing mountains, and roaming plains. However, to fully understand and be changed, such a journey must be personally experienced. Those that choose to journey down this path are rewarded with life experiences that last long after they rejoin the modern world.

Unknown by many, Texas is home to some of the most diverse eco regions on earth. Inside its borders, every global topographical region is represented. This vast landmass covers 280,000 square miles, 10 eco regions, 91 mountain peaks, expansive deserts, oceans, wet lands, prairies, canyons and much more. Its impressive topography covers the largest amount of land in the U.S., second only to Alaska. This led us to create the Texas Trail Running Eco Series, a unique opportunity to showcase the extreme diversity of the world right within the Texas borders

Currently, we have 7 trail races within the series that traverse different eco regions all over the state.

Come run in a prehistoric area dating back some 10,000 years where Indigenous people left cave art as evidence of their presence tucked into the weather beaten Chihuahuan Desert, the second largest desert in North America! Experience the uniqueness of the desert wildlife and flora, be awe inspired by the incredible views of Seminole Canyon meeting the Rio Grande River.

At over a mile high, the historic Davis Mountains plays host to this race that starts on the legendary San Antonio-El Paso Road in the heart of Fort Davis National Historic Site. This remote outpost in the 1800s was set up by the U.S. Army as a refuge for travelers making the 600 mile journey by horse or wagon train through hostile Indian country. It was also home to the famous Buffalo Soldiers.

There's no other race in Texas like this (and not many in the US for that matter). You'll experience red rock canyons and buffalo herds that roam wild. You'll run through prairie dog towns on a course that's beautiful yet tough and rugged; down to the canyons bottom and up to cliff tops with a 100 mile view. This is your chance to run with Bison as the park is home to the official Texas State Bison Herd and is the state’s largest herd.

This is the newest state park in the state of Texas. Not open to the public yet, this is your only chance to experience the Palo Pinto Mountains. This unique park hosts lakes, mountains, cedar and oak forests, and rocky terrain. Be sure to reward yourself at the end with the Best Chicken Fried Steak in Texas at Mary's Cafe before leaving.

Run through deep East Texas pine forests on a scenic course underneath towering pines. This diverse, single track course, almost entirely underneath a canopy of 100-foot tall pine timber, will keep you captivated as you navigate rolling hills through rooty and pine needle conditioned trail. Enjoy a post-race refreshing swim in the 64-acre spring-fed lake while you rest and recover.

The race traverses the converted Chaparral Trail. The trail was used as the railroad right-of-way and now has been converted to a multi-use trail. The race begins at the historic Onion Shed, a restored building from the 1930s that was once used a loading dock for the onion industry. Once fully complete it will become the longest trail in Texas and the 4th longest in the U.S. covering 135 miles.

Just adjacent to the longest undeveloped barrier island in the world, Mustang Island gets its name from the wild horses that roamed the island for hundreds of years. This chain of barrier islands protect miles of coastline, dunes, prairies, and wind tidal flats teeming with life. They are also a safe nesting ground for the Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle and a haven for over 380 bird species.

If you are looking for a unique and challenging experience second to none, then join us for this rare series as we run the world within the borders of Texas.

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