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UEBA Brand Guide

UEBA-  and TTRES Personal Graphics



Each quarter you'll get personalized graphics to promote your UEBA-code and important UE initiatives. 

We do our best to place the images in the design you select. To achieve the best outcome, adjustments are made to work with the photo composition and colors.  Graphics are created and sized for Facebook and Instagram.


Because we want you to be happy, you get one do-over. You can change one of the graphics by using a different picture or selecting a different design.


  • Your UEBA- code and your personal graphics can be used on your social networks, via email, word-of-mouth and in other communication channels.

  • Please be aware of and follow any rules and guidelines when sharing your graphics, such as with Facebook groups, for example.

  • So as not to give an unfair advantage to any UEBA, please don't share your codes and graphics on Ultra Expeditions social networks and channels.

UEBA- Personal Graphic

  • As an UEBA you earn points based on the usage of your personal UEBA- code

  • Users get 10% off any Ultra Expeditions races when codes are entered at registration

Helpful links when promoting races. These links are to the main pages. You can also drill down and capture a link for a specific race. Right now, the focus is on the El Frio 50 on January 30, 2021

UEBA- TTRES Personal Graphic

  • This is part of the referral program and you receive 10% commission, paid quarterly - based on total TTRES sales when your code is entered at registration

  • Users get 10% off all TTRES tickets

  • Reminder that your UEBA 2021 agreement must be signed to be part of the referral program

Let people know IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO REGISTER. You can sign up any time throughout the year. AND, if a person registers before April 1, 2021, any qualifying eco-series race between January 1, 2021 and March 31, 2021 will be included in his/her scoring.

The TTRES is a multi-race competition with three tracks

  • ULTRA CUP TEAM - competitive track

    • Team Captain / Member $20​ (includes captain and member fees)

    • Team Member $10

  • ULTRA CUP INDIVIDUAL - Competitive track $20

  • ECO CHALLENGE - Completion track (a two year challenge) $20

To help promote your code, consider creating an open team and recruit friends and followers.


Find all the information at this sharable link - www.ultraexpedition.com/texasecoseries


If people have detailed questions, please refer them to the website. 


Have Fun!

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