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Ultra Cup Teams

The Texas Trail Running Eco Series

The Ultra Cup Teams are super fun. Check out their profiles and pick from any of the OPEN teams.

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Wolf Pack UCT Profile.png

Wolf Pack

Team Type - CLOSED

Team Captain - Willie


The hardest working, best-looking Southwestern book-kids in the world! We love to run together and push new limits in all areas of life!

Bravo Zulu UCT Profile 3 (3).png

Bravo zulu

Team Type - CLOSED

Team Captain - Roger That


We may not be the fastest, but we finish what we start. We run with patient persistence; stopping not when we get tired, but only stopping when we are done. God empowers us to overcome obstacles and outweigh the odds. We are BravoZulu!

Momma On A Mission UCT Profile.png

Momma on a mission

Team Type - OPEN

Team Captain - Crystal


I was an overweight and tired momma of three. More than anything I did not want my kids to learn my bad habits, so I started new habits and became a Momma on a Mission to make me healthier and my family healthier! I found a love for running, I never new I had! Not the fastest or speediest runner on the course... but I am no quitter either!  My kids are watching!

Sports Warriors Track Club UCT Profile.p


Team Type - OPEN

Team Captain - Mike


We We are a predominately Native American racing/running group based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, however, we have runners who participate with us from across the U.S. Our runners range from 5k to ultra runners. Our experience levels range from the new/novice runner to those that have competed at, or are hoping to make an Olympic trials qualifier. We welcome anyone who would like to join our group. Although we hope to be competitive, we are also about meeting new people and having fun.

Texas Trail Tamers UCT Profile.png

Texas Trail Tamers

Team Type - OPEN

Team Captain - Emelda


Texas Trail Tamers is a husband and wife team based out of Austin, TX. We enjoy the challenges of trail running and work to elevate each other's ability to overcome those challenges.

Team Italiano UCT Profile (1).png

Team Italiano

Team Type - OPEN

Team Captain - Stefano


Team Italiano is an open team.

Tye-phoon Strong UCT Profile.png

Team Tye-phoon 

Team Type - OPEN

Team Captain - Arthur


Team Tye-phoon was started when I met a little boy named Tye that has cerebral palsy. Tye and I have done a lot of races together to include triathlons. Our goal is to one day complete Ironman Hawaii together.

The Trotting Peppers UCT Profile.png

The Trotting Peppers

Team Type - CLOSED

Team Captain - Stephen


The Trotting Peppers is a closed team.

Kick My Asphalt UCT Profile (1).png

Kick my asphalt

Team Type - OPEN

Team Captain - Jennifer


Kick My Asphalt is an open team.

Ultra Elite UCT Profile.png

Ultra Elite

Team Type - OPEN

Team Captain - Ryan


Ultra Elite is an open team.

Where's The Finish UCT Profile.png

WTF - Where's the finish

Team Type - OPEN

Team Captain - Bethani


WFT - Where's the Finish is an open team.

RunSlingers UCT Profile.png


Team Type - OPEN

Team Captain - Aaron


RunSlingers is an open team.

Land Otters UCT Profile (1).png

Land Otters

Team Type - OPEN

Team Captain - Chris


Land Otters is an open team.