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Giving Back.

Wild Places Initiative

As avid athletes, adventurers, and stewards of the environment, we understand how dependent the survival of our species and others are on the environment in which we live. That is why we hold a deep respect for the wild places of the world, the experiences they give us, and the inspiration they provide. We feel that the soul of what drives life is seeded in these peoples, lands, and animals. We are dedicated to keeping the spirit of the land, the people, and the animals wild through our Wild Places Initiative.

The goal of this initiative is to build awareness and give back a portion of profits to help keep lands, wildlife, and cultures healthy, sustainable, and in their natural state. Below are just a few of the initiatives and organizations we have partnered with to give back, with more to come:

Wild Places Initiative

The Wild Canyon Ultra – Canyons

The goal of Caprock Canyon Restoration Project is to restore the park to its natural state, prior to European settlement (approximately 300 years ago). Includes restoration of mixed grass prairies, rolling plains and native animals (ex: bison, prairie dogs, pronghorn antelope). 

Oktoberfest Trail Festival – Prairies

We are happy to announce our beneficiary for the Oktoberfest Trail Festival as the Northeast Texas Trail Coalition. When completed, the Northeast Texas Trail (NETT), otherwise known as the Chaparral Trail, will be the longest hike, bike and equestrian trail in Texas and the 4th longest in the U.S., totaling 131 miles. It traverses 19 rural towns and 7 counties linking population centers, community facilities, work places, neighborhoods, schools, recreation areas, open space and cultural/historical areas.

The Piney Woods Ultra – Forests

East Texas Trail Advocacy (ETXTA), a chapter of IMBA, is dedicated to the stewardship of sustainable, multiple-use, and purpose built trails. ETXTA is a non-profit volunteer organization founded on principles of conservation ethics and promotes advocacy, respect and education to preserve great trail experiences.

The Hidden Hills Ultra – Hill Country

Friends of Palo Pinto State Park - Coming Soon

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