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Frequently Asked Questions



I have completed most of your Eco Series races in 2019.  Can I participate in the Texas Trail Running Eco Series – Eco Challenge and complete the remaining races in 2020?

If you sign up for the Eco Challenge, we just have to verify that you ran the races in 2019.  Please send us an email with your name and a list of the Eco Series races you completed in 2019.



Is there packet pick up and registration for a race, the morning of the race?

Normally, you can pick up your packet and register for a race on race day. You can find the details at RACES and then select a specific race. Because some races sell out in advance, please be sure to check our website


May I pick up a bib and/or a t-shirt for a friend?

Yes, you may pick up for a family member or friend with your ID.


If I register the week of the race, will I be guaranteed a t-shirt?

We do our best to order enough t-shirts for all participants, but orders get placed well in advance to have produced for race day.  We typically have extras but can’t guarantee a shirt if you registered after the cutoff.  Check back with us after your race at the finish line because we want you to have one!


Do you have discount codes that I can apply to a race?

We offer tiered pricing with best, good and standard discounts based on when you sign up.  Please sign up early for best discounts.


What awards/prizes are given for winners?

Awards are provided to the top male and female in each race distance. Following each race, and after the results have been verified, a notification email is sent instructing winners to reply by a specified date to claim their award.


Each winner receives an award code, based on the terms outlined in the notification email. The award code must be redeemed within six (6) months from receipt, for a race within the same six (6) month time period. Award codes can only be used for a race and have no cash value.


This is a very strict deadline, as award codes do expire. If the confirmed winner neglects to respond to the email in the specified time, the award code will not be provided at a future date.

I may want to step up or down my distance the day of the race, is this possible?

Yes, you may step up or down your race distance up until the official race start by visiting us at packet pick up.  After race start, changes in distances result in a DNF.

I tried to check my registration on the website and it’s not showing up?

Sometimes even an extra space will cause you to not see your registration. If you initially received a confirmation email that confirms your registration, then you’re set. It is not necessary to check in again. If you did not receive an email, check your SPAM folder for an email the from EDS or Event Data Solutions. 

Can I bring my dog to an event?

You may bring your dog to an event ONLY if you meet these requirements.

  • The dog needs to be secured at all times and on a short leash.

  • The dog needs to be under the handlers control at all times.

  • If you run with a dog, you start toward the back to avoid bottlenecks. Breed, age and other factors are important when deciding how far your dog can run. Be sure your dog is over 6 months old and has been properly introduced to running and trained to run your race distance.

  • The safety of those at the event is priority. If your dog is not properly trained and socialized then they are not allowed at the event.

  • If you bring a dog to the event then you are fully responsible for any incident or liability that occurs. Ultra Expeditions is not responsible.

  • It is also contingent on if the venue allows animals. It's your responsibility to check with the venue before bringing your four legged friend.

May I walk the race?

Yes, but please be aware of the enforced course cutoff times listed on each race page.

May I start earlier than my race time?

To avoid issues with timing and results, runners are not able to begin a race prior to the race start time.


May I wear headphones?

If you want to wear headphones, for your safety and the safety of others, please remove one ear bud to hear important information about others passing, cars, runners, etc.  We also ask that you keep your volume low.

May I have a pacer at my race?

Yes, pacers are allowed on the course after 50 miles. It is recommended that you meet your pacer at the start / finish where you will be looping through to go back out. If the mileage isn’t exactly 50 miles at that point in time, that is not a problem.  Please make sure your pacer checks in with race officials so that we may know who is on the course prior to beginning. 

Do you have awards ceremonies at the race?

No, we need to verify results after the race.  We will then send emails with gift codes in the days following the race.  Please check your email and SPAM accounts for our email.

Describe a single-track trail?

A single track describes a type of trail that is approximately the width of the bike or for one person to go down. It contrasts with double-track or fire road which ranges wide enough for two people, to four-wheeled off-road vehicles.


There is supposed to be inclement weather on race day, will we run?

We run rain or shine.  The only way the race is cancelled is if there are severely adverse conditions that are unsafe for our runners. We work with city, park and state officials to determine if a race should be cancelled.  Please look for updates via email or on our website the morning of a race.


I have specific questions about a race, where do I go?

You can find all the details on the website page for each race.  Simply go to RACES and locate the race of interest. 


I can no longer run the race for which I signed up. Can I transfer it to a friend?

Unfortunately, due to liability issues, it’s not possible to transfer a race to another person. During the registration process, waivers are signed, and medical and emergency contact information is provided.  This information is specific to a single runner and can cause complications if something were to happen.


Can I get a refund on a race?

While we want to be able to provide a refund, it’s not possible due to incurred costs, or medals, shirts, insurance, permits, supplies, employees, etc.

How do I learn more about coaching and training services? 

Custom coaching services are available if you are going on an adventure or preparing for a running event; like a marathon, ultra marathon, adventure run, backcountry travel, etc. For more details visit our Coaching page or contact us. We’re happy to customize a program for you.

Can I be banned or disqualified from events?

We reserve the explicit right to ban/disqualify participants for unsportsmanlike conduct, safety concerns, or for any other reason at our races, via email, on social media or through any other channel. If an act occurs during a race, you will be immediately disqualified from that race and asked to leave. If the conduct continues, we reserve the right to ban you from all future races and have you escorted from the venue.

I didn’t get my question answered here?

If you did not see your question on our FAQ page, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.


How can I keep up with what is going on with Ultra Expeditions?

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and our website for the latest and greatest!

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