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Texas Eco Series Rules

Here, you'll find rules, eligibility requirements, scoring notes and other important information for the Texas Trail Running Eco Series.


The Ultra Expeditions Texas Trail Running Eco Series offers runners a chance to experience eight (8) unique races through seven (7) amazing ecoregions.


Eco Challenge – $20*

*Plus tax and registrations fees

The Eco Challenge is a completion challenge where Individuals complete eight (8) Eco Series Races within a two (2) consecutive year timeframe that begins the day you register.

  • The Eco Challenge entry fee is $20 for up to a two (2) consecutive year timeframe, plus tax and registration fees.

  • Eco Challenge competitors must complete eight (8) Eco Series Races within the specified timeframe, to receive the award.

  • A participant is given up to two (2) years from the day they register for the Eco Challenge to complete the challenge. Once a participant completes all eight races, they receive their award and their challenge ends.

  • If a participant reaches the point where they will not be able to complete their challenge within the timeframe, they are notified and removed from the challenge.

  • A person can sign up at any time and their challenge begins the day they register, or within the grace period.

  • Grace period – If an individual registers by Tuesday at 11:59 central following a race start date, his/her registration will be included in that qualifying race.

  • A runner must be officially registered, or within the grace period, for his/her points to count.

  • A runner must complete a race for it to count. This means that a DNF or any other disqualifying factor will result in a "0" score for that race. 

  • All runners are responsible for their own race registration.

  • Virtual races are not included.


Scoring begins after a registered participant completed his/her first qualifying Eco Challenge race. Ultra Expeditions is using a Distance Based Points Formula for The Texas Trail Running Eco Series.

Base Points (Bp) Earned

100m = 100 base points

100k = 62 base points

75k = 46.6 base points

50k = 31 base points

50m = 50 base points

26.2m = 26.2 base points (Marathon)

25k = 15.5 base points

13.1m = 13.1 base points (Half Marathon)

10k = 6.2 base points

5k = 3.1 base points


Eco Challenge Standings are reported after each qualifying Eco Series Race.



Ultra Awards - 210 points and above Receives $400 in discounts

Trail Awards - below 210  Receives $200 in discounts


  • All awards discounts, with no cash substitute.

  • Discount codes are good for any Ultra Expeditions race.

  • Discount codes cannot be combined and are not transferable (i.e. only one discount code can used per race registration).

  • If a discount is used that exceeds the registration price, the balance is forfeited.

  • Discount awards cannot be gifted or given to any persons.

  • All winners receive personalized coupon codes that equal the value of the award. All coupon codes have a value of $25, $50, $75 or $100 each.

  • Code usage is strictly monitored and enforced. Only the winners can use these codes. They cannot be transferred, shared or used by, or to register another runner. Anybody caught not following these rules will forfeit their award and be banned from all UE races with no refunds.


  • Upon completing the challenge, each finisher receives detailed instructions on how to claim their award as they cross the finish line and in a follow up email.

  • Claim your award quickly. Discounts expire one year from the day the winner completes the challenge - this includes race registration and participation.

  • Any unused balance not used within the year is lost and does not carry over.


Ultra Expeditions LLC reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this program at any time by posting the amended updates. Please check these back periodically for changes.

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